Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race - 2013

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Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race - 2013

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 11, 2016 11:06 am


I was fortunate enough to be watching this race from the finish line at an OUW gathering, it was just after my 2nd Torpid and a number of my crew had got together for the day.
One thing that struck me, which has stuck with me since is how relaxed and easy (ignoring some of the faces) the rowing looked. Admittedly it was stroked by the monster that is Malcom Howard but here is a guy known for his incredible strength and endurance relying entirely on technique to shift the boat. The rowing stroke he sets out it very simple and most importantly it is efficient. All the moving parts work towards boat speed, there are no wiggles, no heaves and no waste. This promotes balance, consistency and rhythm which puts those boys in a position where they can row at rate 36 quicker than most of us ever will, for 17 minutes and be in a position to push well towards the end of the race not just fall over the finish line.

This was a mini revelation for us who had seen rowing technique as a floor we needed to reach in order to put as much grunt in as possible.

I can't remember the author but I like this quote about rowing technique.
'Good rowing technique is the ability to row powerfully without disrupting anyone else and their ability to do the same'


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